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Carlos Medina, I'm a 1/2 century old, boy how time flies. Born and raised in NY and for the last 20 years resident of Puerto Rico. I've come to notice misconceptions of first time visitors to Puerto Rico. Language for one, English is widely spoken and shouldn't be an issue. Its my humble opinion Puerto Rico is the stationary cruise ship of the Caribbean. A tropical treasure chest in USA's own backyard. I've traveled all around the Caribbean and come to realize we've got it all and a few extras.  

I fell in love with the island at a very early age. My parents made it a point to ship my brother Jimmy and me to Puerto Rico to spend our summer vacations with our grandparents. This practice deeply instilled the language and cultural aspects of Puerto Rico in both of us. Most likely they had additional motives but it was fine by us. Jimmy still lives in NY and comes down to visit us. After living in NY for 30 years, there’s something about the cold weather that just doesn’t motivate me to visit him.

I volunteered and served in the US Army 1977-1980. For me it was a good growing experience and I’d recommend serving as an option to consider to those young men and women who haven’t really decided what future endeavor their looking to pursue. If your trying to do the math yep I was 17, at that age what's an endeavor?

After being cooped up in an office for 25 years, I must of have been plumb loco not to think of this before. My job and 401K took the leap out the window when the bubble popped in 2008 but I refused to jump.This is just my humble attempt in building a website and making ends meet. Any constructive criticism is more than welcomed.

My wife Denise and I are excursion fanatics when we're on vacation. We don't mind too much the commute getting to a particular event or attraction its all part of the fun but in most cases it's the dreaded trip back to hotel or cruise ship that can ruin the experience. That's where Charlie comes in and insures an everlasting memory.

My motto is “Puerto Rico your home away from home”. My biggest success of course is that we had a great time and that you remember you left a friend behind. When planning your next vacation I hope you’ll throw Puerto Rico and me back into your bucket of choices. Or tell family and friends I'll take good care of them.

Tipping: Sooner or later this had to come up. In my early years I drove a medallion cab in the Big Apple.  My honest opinion, a tip should be earned for exceptional service and good attitude while providing what ever service it may be. A tip, It’s a gratuity: a gift customarily given with the understanding there’s no obligation to do so.

Carlitos (son) is fine young man who recently returned from his second tour in Afghanistan... We partnered up after his first deployment but was redeployed.. I as a father could not be prouder..  He's the closet thing I can come to cloning my self.. He's back in the saddle again and doing great... I gave him the basic's and I believe he'll keep running with the ball... When you love what you do you never have to work again!!!

We hope you enjoy reading through the website and at the same time hopefully you’ve picked up a few tips that may have some weight when you
 consider choosing Puerto Rico Isla Del Encanto as your vacation destination.
“Your home away from home”
Take care and God bless!
Muchas Gracias, Carlos  Cellular: 787-648-1912




Puerto Rico has deep historical and cultural roots, discovered by Christopher Columbus on his second voyage to Las Americas on the 19th of November 1493.
If you have a few minutes go to  and  I find these links to be very informative.

We are a very hospitable, warm and friendly people. For the Festival and Culture seekers this is where you can really mingle with the locals. Every single municipality (78 total) celebrates its anniversary or and patronage to a Saint with a FIESTA PATRONAL usually 3 to 7 days in duration. All kinds of festivities are present from the crowning of pageant winners, parades, road side games of chance, competitions, marathons, typical food vendors, live music, artists show their work, indigenous arts and craft.  It’s really a lot of fun to roam the designated area where festivities are being held.

Each municipality also offers a piece of culture from its architecture, churches, plazas, museums, monuments, natural attractions and celebrate different types of festivals and carnivals in honor to Saints, historical figures, poets, types of music, foods, instruments and many more. We observe 21 local and state side holidays. I jokingly say all we need is an excuse to bend the elbow. I've even submitted my birth date LOL....

With an average yearly temperature of 82 degrees there's always something going on to see or do guaranteed. Whats your cup of tea sight seeing, adventure, adrelanine rush, culture, festival/carnival seeking, mingle with the locals or a little bit of everything? After doing a sky diving tandem jump myself I'm pretty much up to what ever meets your fancy. This little island in the Caribbean has a gigantic heart and visitors from all around the world love to hear its beat, dance to its rhythm, and feel its warmth.

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