Our excursions are a little off the beaten path. In an effort to make your trip as comfortable as possible the only thing we left out was the kitchen sink.  

Charlie I & II are custom extended Ford Tuscany EXECU-TRANS LE 250 high top limo vans. Work horses equipped with the latest gadgets: 19" HDTV with front driver viewing, five USB charging ports,
hands free PA system, DVD, Wi-Fi, window shades, individual reading lights, 5 reclining captain chairs and reclining rear sofa for three

Following comments are related to all our excursion/tours. Our goal is to optimize your time here En La Isla Del Encanto and customize excursions just for you.

  • Charlie can accommodate up to 8 passengers each with light luggage. Cooler with bottled water, refreshments and snacks included. One Infant 20 to 40lbs, toddler 40 to 80lbs and wheelchair available.
  • Alcoholic beverages not included. Excursions relating to getting wet, please remember to bring a light change of clothing for the trip back. Towels, no need I’ll have more than enough for everyone.  Don't forget your camera but rest assured we'll be taking pictures too.
  • Pricing: Rates are per hour, NOT per person. Each vehicle has a four (4) hour minimum ($300.00)...

  • Please be advised this four (4) hour minimum will limit us to Old & New San Juan or immediate vicinity of San Juan metro area...

  • Up to Eight (8) passengers per vehicle $75.00 an hour. The comfort Charlie I & II provides goes above and beyond the call of duty...

  • Of the two vehicles only one has permit to enter Yunque Rain forest... If YUNQUE is your sole interest we must be made aware of this ASAP....

  • We do not have an operational staff to group tours. Our tours are generally private in nature. If you make a new acquaintance and you would like to invite them no problem. It would only reduce individual cost, just remember eight (8) max passengers. It is extremely difficult to add guest to a exiting future tour...
  • Any time in excess of quoted is on us. If you would like to extend excursion/tour that goes without saying. We never do double headers allowing us that choice if so desired.

  • Rates are for tours originating from San Juan metro area. If your staying outside SJ metro area please call or write for quotes.

  • This website does not have an online booking tool, please send email for inquiries of availability to:
  • We do not require deposit... We do require credit card info to reserve date/s... Please DO NOT send credit card info via email or text.. We and you can't be comfortable with this info on an email or text.. 

  • If you cancel with in 72 hours of tour date you will be levied our 4 hour minimum rate of 300.00 + local tax + credit card processing fees for a total of 345.00... We are a small father and son team... Its crucial for us to execute tours and bring home the bacon... If you wish to hire both vehicles then we will require a deposit...
  • Smoking is prohibited inside Charlie (vans). We can take all the smoke break stops you desire
  • Weather and traffic are beyond or control but we’ll put in an extra prayer to the big guy upstairs. As it goes for local forecast, 50% of the time you’ll hear or read predictions of rain. So don’t seem glum or try to change your plans if it’s cloudy one morning. It just might only be raining on the resort next door. Clouds here form, dissipate and hopefully pass by quickly.
  • This being a two hombre show please call or write for availability. If  CCTPR web site has peaked your interest its best to commit and hammer out details later. There are only two reasons for us not honoring a commitment:

  • I or Carlitos are lying on a hospital bed.

  • Charlie (Vans) is laid up in the Ford maintenance pit.
Your excursion chauffeur/host or tour operator should possess a Puerto Rico Tourism Company category ET ID. These letters can be found right under his or her picture on their identification card. If you hire a TAXI TURÍSTICO he or she is not obligated to have this category but if they do good for you. In most cases smaller independent excursion/tour operators are able to provide that extra personalized care that you deserve. So don't let any large or small independent excursion/tour service strong arm you.

Call PRTC 1-800-866-7827 or chat
and report any misconduct. Positive feed back is always welcomed.


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