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Charlie's Custom Tours

Charlie’s Custom Tours Puerto Rico (CCTPR) is a one Hombre show providing unique, comfortable transportation for private tours & excursions throughout the main island at your own pace and leisure.
Passionate about what I do, my goal is to do a complete reveal of Puerto Rico so that you don’t miss anything. Catering to your every need, I will be your host, guaranteeing the utmost pampering and the biggest bang for your buck!

The Stationary Cruise Ship…

Think of Puerto Rico as the ‘stationary cruise ship’ of the Caribbean, a complete tropical treasure chest in the USA’s own backyard. So come and discover this idyllic “Island of Enchantment,” blessed with more sunny days than not – and even on a rainy day, there’s plenty to do.
I thank the ‘big guy upstairs’ every day for providing me with the opportunity to create memories for you to cherish, make new friends, put smiles on every face, mingle with the locals, and have the entire island as our office.
If you’re thinking of the Caribbean, Puerto Rico is where you want to be.

Carlos Medina

A hidden GEM in America's backyard

I’m Carlos Medina, and boy, how time flies when you are having fun! Born and raised in NY and for the last 30 years a resident of Puerto Rico, I’ve come to notice the many misconceptions of first-time visitors to Puerto Rico. Language is one; English is widely spoken and shouldn’t be an issue.

It’s my humble opinion that Puerto Rico is a tropical treasure chest in the USA’s backyard. I’ve travelled all around the Caribbean and come to realize we’ve got it all here, along with a few fantastic extras.
Carlos Medina


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