Excursion ideas or create your own:

Old & New San Juan: Semi Drive & Walk

Guavate: Roast Pork Highway

Utuado/Arecibo: Coffee & Cave Extraordinaire

Loiza/Piñones: History, Arts, Culture & OSJ

Luquillo: Yunque Rain Forest Wet & Wetter

Ponce City: Pearl of the South

Ultimate PR Sightseeing Experience
Inspired by: Christina & Joey, Wisconsin

Free Coffee Tour

Lotty the owner is sure you'll love its aroma and flavor that you can't but purchase and take home.

We do not offer:
BIO-BAY, Zip-Lines, ATV, Horse Back Riding or Nautical activities. These attractions offer or provide transportation.
Our cup of tea is sightseeing 
culture, cuisine, the arts,
rain forest, coffee, a few caves
and lots of FUN!!!

Anything I receive is headed to upper mountain region municipalities in worse shape and even ghettos just 2 miles from me... My apt has become a distribution center... Every couples of nights my wife and I sort things out for delivery...

Thanks to SBA approval of Disaster Interruption Loan CCTPR is back in BIZ!!!

As attractions re-open and cruise ships start docking again. Featured tours will be back in play.. We'll have to play it by ear..

I've been through three hurricanes: Hugo 1989, George 1998 but Maria was a dozy.. You will be surprised how fast an Eco System can recover from such a natural disaster.

Maria did not wash away our beaches, caves, forts etc. Its still an average temperature of 82 degrees all year round... So as winter grips USA, Puerto Rico is still here offering a break from the cold...

We are a very warm, friendly and hospitable people ready to share our soon to be again beautiful island. 

"Dreams are the seeds of success"
"Believe and succeed"

Registered with Puerto Rico Tourism Co.
This new breed of excursion providers must go through rigorous credential checks, continuing education courses and be fully bilingual. (English & Spanish)
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Tele: 787-648-1912


Please be advised local sales tax is 11.5 percent.

Puerto Rico does NOT set its clock backwards or forward...

Sunday , December 10th 2017, I've stopped counting the days or weeks, 3 months later not much has changed. This is EPIC... 


Internet & Cell service comes and goes since hurricane Irma (September 4th) & Maria (September 20th).. 


We are living a nightmare... My community and Condo have been without power since September 4th... I was working off my laptop, car battery and invert-er until Friday December 7th when electricity was re-established in my son's condo.. Guess where I'm staying these days... 


You can only imagine CCTPR was a dead stick for SEP, OCT, NOV and maybe December... Tourism only represents 8 percent of the economy (its a long story why this is so).. Carlitos (son) left PR 3 months ago to start his new job in Texas in the hopes of returning some day to do what we love best... I'm finally pulling up from this KAMIKAZIE dive with inquiries for tours late December and January... Carlitos and I have no intention of ditching this plane.. 


It's sad but state side news has practically stopped covering Puerto Rico news.. Aside from a special here and there by 20/20 or Sixty Minutes.. Things are still not so great down here... Over 50 percent of the island has no power..

Unemployment has skyrocketed... On a regular month about one thousand applications are filed.. In two weeks its estimated 13 thousand applications were filed.. My wife also received notice of reduction in work hours.. Its also estimated that approximately 5 thousand small businesses will have to close their doors with in the next 60 days.. My application for a SBA disaster business interruption loan has been approved ALELUYA!!! I pray it will hold me out until February.. 

Puerto Rico will loose another 14 percent of its population by the year 2019.. In less than three months over 200 thousand have already migrated to the United States... An exodus surpassing the 40's and 50's...  

Many Americans state side are not aware since granted citizenship by congress in 1917 Puerto Ricans have served in every military conflict... My father served in Korea two of my four uncles served in Vietnam.. They got drafted like anyone else... Thank God they all came back in one piece.. I my self volunteered at the age of 17... My son Carlitos did two tours in Afghanistan... Yet we can't vote for our commander and chef whom puts us in harms way and still treated as second class citizens ounce back on the island... But if we reside in the states with full voting rights get ready USA for a possible political face change..

Historically governors elections voter turn outs in PR is 79 to 86 percent... We take our voting privileges very serious down here... If there are 3 1/2 million on the island there are 4 1/2 million state side and growing... Today the population of PR is still grater than 21 states... It really doesn't matter if PR becomes a state or not and surely it won't be any time soon.. Puerto Ricans state side will keep a careful watch for PR's interest...



Many inner island mountain municipalities roads are still impassible, down trees, street lights, power lines, bridges.. It’s a total DISASTER


Getting the electrical grid back to a minimum will take 6 to 12 months… After decades of neglect maintenance wise, poor management, political bickering, finger pointing, labor union disputes, accumulation of debt (9 billion) and the lack of vision with so many viable options to produce self sustaining clean energy... Hurricane Maria hammered the last nail and sealed Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA) coffin... Today we face the biggest hurdle of them all.. Turning the light back on...

Help is here but the logistics in all aspects is monumental. This is not a patch job and go home. This is a total rebuild..

I bow and tip my hat to more than a dozen electrical companies from USA here on the front lines... Doing their best to get PR back on line... They are the workers whom have sacrificed time from their own families to bring some kind of normality back to so many... 

Gas lines have reduced significantly.. Bank/ATM machines, Government Agencies, supermarkets running generators,  lines are very long but you can find if lucky necessary goods at a slightly higher price (supply and demand).. Bottled water and ICE shortages.. I've forgotten the meaning of ICE..


My deepest gratitude is to family state side, amigos and previous guest/clients that have sent me care packages.. Puerto Rico's New motto is "We give what we have, not from what is left over," I donate forward especially to inner island mountain municipalities that are in worse shape, even to ghettos just a mile from me that have been forgotten.. Its been so hard but we are keeping our heads held high and are determined we'll get through this.

Sol Isolina Ferrer is the donation center I endorse with out question:
They are human to the bone!!! Every day volunteers and students prepare care packages for delivery through out the entire Island... What an operation...

I long for the day I can take my guest around the island and have fun again... Oh, and be home just in time to watch the Steve Harvey or and Ellen DeGeneres shows... To be honest even if I could just sit on my couch and watch TV witch I haven't in three months, its just not in me to sit still with so much hardship that I have to witness every day... Oddly enough we keep smiling.. I keep soulful in helping anyone in my path every day.

The most contagious gesture one can give is a smile and you would be surprised how powerful it can be..

Muchas Gracias,Carlos & Carlitos


CCTPR, Charlie's Custom Tours Puerto Rico a father and son small businesses operating two vehicles 8 (eight) passenger max each.. Providing unique transportation comforts, private tours/excursions and overview throughout the main island. Turning Puerto Rico up-side-down so you don't miss anything. Catering to your every need. Carlitos (son) or I will be your Host guaranteeing the utmost pampering and the biggest bang for your buck.

Puerto Rico the stationary cruise ship of the Caribbean. A tropical treasure chest in USA's own backyard with five Porta's (gateways) to fun in the sun.

Come and discover the Island of Enchantment where you’ll find year round fun, warm climate and a suntan you can brag about when you get back home. From the most extreme activities like skydiving, hang gliding, zip lines, surfing, scuba diving, para-sailing and rock climbing. If we take it down a notch there’s horse back riding, ATV safaris, sailing, fishing and snorkeling. For the more passive excursionist we have island sight seeing adventures, museums, festivals, carnivals, golf, hiking, bicycling, shopping  and bird watching.

Or just lay on a hammock at the beach or high in the mountains and let the ocean breeze put you in a coma.  For the night owls there are restaurants, casinos and clubs galore so you can wine and dine and take your chances at lady luck. Maybe a miss-step or two while moving them feet and hips to the rhythm of salsa and merengue. I'm confident you'll have at least one of those dances down pat before you leave.

Isla del Encanto
, blessed with more sunny days than not, even on a rainy day there's plenty to do.  I give thanks to the big guy upstairs every day, for giving me the opportunity of creating memories to cherish. The making of new friends and putting smiles on their faces, embracing old ones and having the entire island as my office. If your thinking Caribbean, Puerto Rico is where you want to be

Welcome to Puerto Rico!!! Mi Casa es tu Casa!!!
A hidden GEM in America's own back yard...

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